Process of product replacement:

  • - fill out and send the form below within 60 days of receiving the package

  • - place a new order in the right size and color, we’ll send it to you with the usual conditions (i.e. you ordering and paying for a new product);

  • - then send the originally ordered package back to us and we will refund it

You have 60 days after receiving the product to send your product replacement claim. If your claim is reported after this 60 days, it will be rejected.

Please note! We do not accept the product replacement claim, unless the tag on the product has remained intact!The returned product needs to remain intact and has to have the tag attached to it. We only accept product replacement claims, if the invoice and all of the shipped products - including the wrapping and the gift products, too - are all returned.

Details and terms of replacement can be found here: product replacement terms