Paris shortened - Waist trainer + Size Extender

Paris shortened - Waist trainer + Size Extender

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Paris, shortened - Midnight Black - M
Paris, shortened - Midnight Black - M
Size Extension, Shortened - Night Black - OneSize
Size Extension, Shortened - Night Black - OneSize

The package includes :

  • 1 piece of Legal Beauty Paris shortened shaping corset in the size and color of your choice
  • 1 Size Extender
  • 1 piece of Legal Beauty tape measure
  • 1 gift box

The lining of our Paris shaping corset is hypoallergenic cotton, the middle support layer is 100% latex.
It is especially recommended for back pain and spine disorders. It reduces the load on the spine and helps to develop the right posture.
The Paris shaping corset is ideal for even postpartum shaping, but can even be used for training.
7 steel braces make it even more effective and keep the wearer in better grip. < br /> The smaller clasps of Paris result in more precise slimming settings and unobtrusive wear even when worn under clothing.
We now add a Legal Beauty measuring tape as a gift to our Paris shaping corset. Delivered in a unique gift box.

After Cesarean delivery orfresh abdominal surgery, buy panties or a thin cotton top under the corset, or ask your doctor for advice. Do not use corsets at all during pregnancy!

Our sizing expander is an extremely practical addition that is especially useful for determined dieters who are expected to see a relatively substantial reduction in tummy size in a short period of time.
The size extender is recommended for anyone who wants to get rid of more weight quickly, or who falls between two sizes and fears that the bigger one would run out too quickly, or who has just given birth and is expected to lose a lot of their waistline in a short time. .

The corset extender is very useful even if it's not available in your size. Order a smaller one and with the extender your body shaping corset will be just right. Plus, you can save money, because as you lose weight and your waist narrows, it's enough to turn off the extender without having to buy another corset.

Which product is good for the shortened size?

Night black:

  • Paris shortened- Night Black Toning Corset

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